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More Energy Savings with Cheaper Gas Supply for Businesses

USC monitors the wholesale gas price market on a daily basis to ensure we give the best advice on cheaper gas supply to commercial clients in an independent and impartial way. Our staff are trained to provide the best service possible to obtain the best gas prices, facilitate the process and maximise energy savings for your business.

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Gas prices are more volatile than electricity and subject to national and international events which affect the market price including the price of oil. Up until recently Britain was self-sufficient in North Sea gas supplies but reserves are rapidly reducing, faster than initially thought, and other sources are still in the process of being commissioned from abroad. By 2016 it is estimated that 80% of our requirement will have to be imported.

These uncertainties have led to price increases and increased volatility as with electricity and their joint effect impacts adversely on business costs. USC is committed to finding the best price and contract length to suit business needs.

There is no green energy option with commercial gas as it is not considered to be a renewable energy supply. British Gas do have a domestic zero carbon gas tariff as part of a dual fuel option.